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Calhoun County and Wirt County offer a quality of life sought by many who wish to connect with nature while also enjoying the critical business infrastructure at a below-average cost provided in this area. It offers a small-town atmosphere, with little crowd yet big opportunities it’s the perfect combination of a loyal customer base. Business operation costs tend to be lower in rural areas and a lower cost of living than urban and suburban areas that should inspire companies to locate in central West Virginia.

Calhoun’s population of about 6,000 and Wirt’s population of about 5,000 create those welcoming neighborhood-style communities, filled with people who care and look out for each other. Crime rates are well below the national average as a result of the caring atmosphere.

Natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities are plentiful in the Little Kanawha area, along the riverbanks, community, and county parks as well as the events scattered throughout the region. For more information, please visit the links provided.

The cost of living for Calhoun County and Wirt County is well below the national average, with prices for existing homes and building lots also more affordable than other regions. The low tax base is also an attractive feature to the region.

The Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation is a great example of the way residents care for each other. Founded in 2004, the fund’s goal is to build sustainable endowments for charitable causes. Grants and scholarships support arts, recreational and educational programs, among others. LKACF works to meet the current and permanent needs for the future of Calhoun, Gilmer and Wirt counties in West Virginia and has helped local citizens support a variety of charitable needs and touch every aspect of life in the area in a variety of impactful way.

Calhoun County is served by four schools including Calhoun County Middle/ High School, located in the center of the county at Mt. Zion. Pleasant Hill Elementary School, located north of the county seat of Grantsville in Pleasant Hill. Arnoldsburg Elementary School, located south of Grantsville  in Arnoldsburg and the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center, located east of Grantsville on Route 5.  All four schools have beautiful facilities with exemplary staff whose mission is “Working together to provide students with limitless possibilities.”

Wirt County is served by one elementary school and one high school located in the county seat of Elizabeth.  The county school system’s mission of “Fostering positive student growth in an environment where students work cooperatively, learn and thrive…” sums up the incredible commitment and dedication of its staff.

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