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The town of Elizabeth is the only incorporated town, and is the county seat, of Wirt County. Originally chartered in 1822, located along the banks of the Little Kanawha River and named for Elizabeth (Woodyard) Beauchamp, wife of David Beauchamp, prominent early settler. The population of Elizabeth is 787 people (as of the 2021 Census). 

Elizabeth has one volunteer fire department; elections are held every two years on the second Monday in April; officials take office within 10 days of election. Overall, Wirt County has a population of 5194 people (as of the 2020 Census).

Current Mayor – Bobbi Snodgrass Moore

Alderman: Judith Matheny

Council Members:

Douglas Hill

Elise Sheppard

Paul Russell

Jeremy Smith,

  Curtis Moore

Town Clerk/Recorder: Brenda Evans

  Deputy Clerk: Sharon Jones


Elizabeth City Hall Contact Information:

Elizabeth City Hall

200 Beverly Street

Elizabeth, WV 26143

Phone 304-275-3200


As of January 2024, Wirt County had the following businesses registered to do business in the corporation:

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